About Telecommunity

TeleCommunity Studio at Duquesne is a group of young people (10-18) and volunteer teachers who work together to explore multimedia, computer graphics art, animation and telecommunications. Our program serves area youth and provides opportunities for Duquesne University students to work with children in an exciting digital arts setting. We meet throughout the year on Saturdays at the Multimedia Lab in College Hall on the Duquesne University campus. We are affiliated with Duquesne University’s McAnulty College of Liberal Arts.

Within a creative conceptual environment, young people develop and collaborate on in-depth projects and share their work over the internet with students in other cities and countries. Capable young studentshave access to high quality University resources, such as professional software and hardware, they work in a nurturing setting that encourages them to follow their imaginations, and they refine their computer, graphics and conceptualization skills. The group provides a window for the University through which to view the needs and emerging abilities of young people; important feedback for planning future curricula and teaching strategies.

Projects for Telecommunity Studio include developing interactive adventures and games; creating original music; music compositions and sound effects on a midi keyboard; digital painting with intuos tablet and pen; learning to model and render with 3D computer graphics; experimenting with digital video movies; participating in installing an art exhibition on campus; exploring the basics of digital printing.

Guidelines for Students:

  • Sign in when you arrive, sign out when you leave.
  • Stay in the College Hall building at all times unless accompanied by a staff member.
  • Art must be appropriate and original – no copyrighted materials
  • Keep food and drinks in the designated areas.
  • The Internet is only used for art references or inspiration.
  • Maintain appropriate conduct for a school/office environment.