Q.) How do I join TeleCommunity?

A.) Just give us your name, age, email address, the name of a parent/guardian, and an emergency phone number. We’ll contact you to let you know that you are registered.

Q.) Do I need to pre-register for TeleCommunity?

A.) Pre-registration is required for summer sessions, but walk-ons are welcome in the fall, winter, and spring, as long as each student has a permission slip.

Q.) When should I begin my classes? Do I need to wait for the beginning of a new semester?

A.) No. Students can start at anytime throughout the year.

Q.) Do I have to attend every session?

A.) No. You may attend as many sessions as you want.

Q.) How do I receive emails from TeleCommunity?

A.) TeleCommunity uses Bravenet mailing services. When you join TeleCommunity, we’ll add your email to our mailing list. You’ll receive an email from Bravenet, asking you to join the list. Make sure you check the spam filters on your email account, as some of them automatically dismiss mailing list messages.

Q.) What kind of messages will TeleCommunity send me?

A.) We send reminders for upcoming sessions, announcements for special events, and notifications for special situations, such as snow days or road construction.

Q.) Do I need to have experience in art or computers to join?

A.) No. Interest and enthusiasm is more important.

Q.) How often do I need to renew my permission slips?

A.) TeleCommunity will need a new permission slip for every student (new and old) at the beginning of each summer session and at the beginning of each fall session.