Students Speak

I love working with the Telecommunity staff, helping out other people, and especially, making abstract art andgraphical design. The enjoyment of hanging out with friends, and the teachers, is always an enjoyable thing to do. And being able to relax at the computer lab and chat with everyone is something I might never forget! In the summer, experiencing the rush of going back and forth through our classes and creating different things as we change themes every year, eliminating any lack of excitement that we may have with the current theme. Having a diverse community with a variety of people who have different skills enlarges your boundaries for making a more fruitful video or digital art. And having good teachers who are kind and helpful gives you a bigger opportunity to make nicer things and improve on your work.


I’ve been coming to Telecommunity for about five years now and this program has really done a lot for me. I came into it with little knowledge of Photoshop and no experience in flash. When I started I can say that my art was basic yet terrible. Over the years my knowledge of Photoshop has grown and my drawing skills have, thankfully improved (though I’m still terrible with flash). This program, with its great students and supportive staff, has made me into the artist that I am today and I am still learning. Since joining I have decided to pursue Graphic Design as my career and major in college. Telecommunity made me be what I am today, and I am very proud to say that I am one of their students, even now.