While we normally focus on creating artwork in the form of digital stills and animations, there’s a consistent call for game design lessons from the students.

Although in the past some of our Telecommunity students have had success with creating their own games, for most youngsters, the process of creating a game within Adobe Flash is a bit too overwhelming. So, our Actionscript programming specialist, Kristine Synowka, has devised an ingenious plan that allows students who are interested to dabble into flash game creation without the hassle and frustration that comes from writing a game from scratch. Kristine thought to create game templates, which the students can edit by adding their own graphics, manipulating levels, and ultimately changing whatever way the desire, with the only limit being their own dedication towards understanding Flash and its programing language, ActionScript.

Telecommunity Game Templates

Super Snowstorm Disaster!

This one uses a fairly simple platformer gaming engine to create a simple but engaging (although deceptively difficult) game. Students are encouraged to modify the game by changing the graphics of the main character, enemies and bosses to create a custom game using the Photoshop and Flash skills they’re already learning.
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Telecommunity MicroLife Lab

This one allows players to create their own little underwater world with various kinds of fish and other marine life. Each life-form has it’s own behaviors and properties that dictate how it interacts with the other life forms. Students are able here to create their own organisms and add them into the game. This takes a little more understanding of the Actionscript language, and might be considered the more advanced template.
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