TeleCommunity Studio 2010 Exhibition

July 21 – 23; 11.00am – 4.00pm

College Hall, Floor 1 Lobby, facing the Parking Lot


Opening Celebration for Family and Friends Friday, July 23, 2.00pm

Computer Art prints, animations, games, and other displays of digital artwork collected from TeleCommunity’s Saturday Studios as well as from the Summer Studio, are on show for family & friends, and for the Duquesne community. Our members take on the role of Gallery docents and enjoy explaining their computer artwork to visitors. Our updated website will also be on show: view exhibition artwork

TeleCommunity students work with graphically shifting perspectives and multiple contexts, through which the individual and the whole are revealed.

Summer Summer Studio Schedule 2010

July 12 - July 16 (1.00 - 5.00 pm) (Mon-Fri)
July 19 - July 23 (1.00 - 5.00 pm) (Mon-Fri)

Our two week Summer Studio is designed to give school students an opportunity to produce computer graphics, to prepare art work for display, and to participate in the installation and gallery process. These early professional experiences promote responsibility and team building, as well as problem solving and creative expression. Individuals will balance their time between Studio and Gallery activities.

We meet in College Hall 336 (412 396 4164). Students who have been working on Saturdays during the year will have a chance to develop and complete new projects during the intensive weekday studios. Newcomers will learn and practice new skills and use them to create interesting story ideas. We expect that by the end of the session, students will have created work that is a synthesis of imagery and animations which have been developed using different types of software. Finished pieces will be placed in the Gallery Exhibition and Online at the TeleCommunity web site

Zoom! is our theme this year. Zoom! graphically represents shifting perspectives and multiple contexts in which the individual and the whole are revealed.

For Zoom!, TeleCommunity students will:

  • develop graphics that contrast close-up details with full views.
  • tell stories about how individual efforts contribute to the greater whole.
  • create character animations that explore spatial illusions.
  • Each student will need to provide
  • A completed Permission Slip with an up-to-date emergency contact number . Go to
  • Storage media - jump drives (at least 250Meg).
  • A snack to munch on and a cold drink or two - every day.
  • Boundless energy & enthusiasm - no other prerequisites.

No fees are necessary.

Current Activities include:

  • Flash Animations, Narratives and Character Development
  • Photoshop Art and Digital Printing Basics
  • Digital Painting with Intuos tablet and pen
  • Interactive Game Experiments
  • Draw/Scan/Animate - a way to animate your favorite sketches
  • Digitized Collages are mixed media activities.
  • Participation in the Website Team and Art Exhibition Installation
  • Dynamic Studio Experience.

New this Summer!

Pictures Worth a Thousand Stories

Students will explore how art and language interchange. First we will explore an ancient Chinese script from the Nakhis, one of the only surviving pictographic languages.

Tapping into the inspiration of history, students will proceed either to create their own new pictographic script, or utilize the Nakhi one, to tell a story of wonder, surprise, and amazement. Students will magnify the past, challenge fate, and conjure a new future! Students can use Photoshop, Adobe Flash, or both, to create their terrific tales.

Telecommunity Micro Life

New life is discovered living in a small puddle of water! Using microbes, plankton, and other forms of tiny life as inspiration for artwork, students will also get their feet wet programming with Flash Action Script. Focus will be placed on designing artwork to interact with code and on learning to use variables in programming.

Picture Perfect Animation

Cartoon animation meets digital photography. First, you will take a photo safari around the Duquesne Campus. Next, you will put your photos right into Flash Animation Software and use them as the backgrounds for your own cartoons.

You will need to draw clever characters to inhabit these settings. We will study character design, action poses, and paths of movement all while creating original Flash movies. Don’t forget to zoom in and out. Take close up pictures of desks or leaves to give your characters micro worlds to explore. Or take pictures of trees and buildings then create characters that are larger than life.


Use iLife GarageBand software to create your own original music. A musical soundtrack will liven up your animated movies and pictures.

Mixed Media

Uniting the digital and the analog world, students will create image and prints that begin on the computer and are finished by hand using traditional art techniques and materials.