TeleCommunity Summer Studio 2011

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July 20 – 22; 11.00am – 4.00pm College Hall, Floor 1 Lobby, facing the Parking Lot


Opening Celebration for Family and Friends Friday, July 22, 2.00pm

Computer Art prints, animations, games, and other displays of digital artwork collected from TeleCommunity’s Saturday Studios as well as from the Summer Studio, are on show for family & friends, and for the Duquesne community. Our members take on the role of Gallery docents and enjoy explaining their computer artwork to visitors. Our updated website will also be on show.

Summer Summer Studio Schedule 2011

Mon., July 11 – Fri., July 15 1-5pm Mon., July 18 – Fri., July 22 1-5pm

Our two week Summer Studio is designed to give school students an opportunity to produce computer graphics, to prepare art work for display, and to participate in the installation and gallery process. These early professional experiences promote responsibility and team building, as well as problem solving and creative expression. Individuals will balance their time between Studio and Gallery activities.

We meet in College Hall 336 (412 396 4164). Students who have been working on Saturdays during the year will have a chance to develop and complete new projects during the intensive weekday studios. Newcomers will learn and practice new skills and use them to create interesting story ideas. We expect that by the end of the session, students will have created work that is a synthesis of imagery and animations which have been developed using different types of software. Finished pieces will be placed in the Gallery Exhibition and featured online in the Student Artwork section of

UtopiaS is our theme this year. For UtopiaS, young TeleCommunity artists will illustrate idealized settings and perfected societies that have a range of qualities with many possibilities, including: playful, fantastic, dream-like, green (environmentally friendly), or technological. They imagine the inhabitants’ lives and the ways in which these communities rise and evolve.

Each student will need:

  • A completed Permission Slip with an up-to-date emergency contact number. Can be found on our website:
  • Storage media – jump drives (at least 250Meg).
  • A snack to munch on and a cold drink or two – every day.
  • Boundless energy & enthusiasm – no other prerequisites.
No fees are necessary. Current Activities include:
  • Flash Animations, Narratives and Character Development.
  • Photoshop Art and Digital Printing Basics.
  • Digital Painting with Intuos tablet and pen.
  • Interactive Game Experiments
  • Draw/Scan/Animate – a way to animate your favorite sketches.
  • Digitized Collages are mixed media activities.
  • Participation in the Website Team and Art Exhibition Installation.
  • Dynamic Studio Experience.

New this Summer!

Animation Utopia

The best of digital image-making and digital animation. Using Photoshop, students will draw several digital pictures of their own fantasy cities. They will create a series of images suitable for display. But it doesn’t stop there. The students will turn these pictures into custom backgrounds for original Flash animations.

Mixed Media Urban Garden

Students will use a wide variety of traditional techniques to create buildings, vehicles, trees, and people that will be combined to create an urban garden. Artwork will be scanned and placed into an interactive Flash program created with Action Script, where clicking on seeds will plant an entire city.

The Gaming Paradise

Collaborative or individual art, music, storytelling, and level design come together in the Knytt Stories Level Designer. In an award-winning level and story creation suite (which will be freely distributed), students will learn basic level design and create their own sophisticated 2-D platforming game levels (akin to 2-D Super Mario Brothers or Sonic the Hedgehog games), incorporating their own or others’ artwork and music; the ultimate aim will be to have them creating simple stories and plotlines as part of rounded game experiences. Learning emphasis will be on the user’s interaction with the student’s story and the user’s overall experience.

Music Adventures

Students will create epic interludes and immersive soundscapes to accompany their utopian explorations, to give sound to their moving visual masterpieces. We will use Garageband and USB Keyboards to record our own original melodic and rhythmic tracks. In the process, we will study the mysteries of musical form and structure.

Registration begins April 18th.

We hope to see you there!

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