TeleCommunity Summer Studio 2012

Register Now!

To register, please contact us at Please provide your child’s name, age and a phone number for registration. We will send a confirmation email when your child is enrolled. Students will also need:

  • 1) A Permission Slip (PDF) signed by a parent.
  • 2) A USB flash drive to save your work.
  • 3) Headphones (for digital music).
  • 4) A snack to munch on during break.
  • 5) Boundless energy and enthusiasm

Exhibition Info

July 18 -20 (wed – friday) ; 12:30pm – 4:00pm College Hall, Floor 1 Lobby (facing the Parking Lot) and room CH 105 for movie screening


View our brochure! (PDF)

Celebration for Family and Friends Friday, July 20, 2.00pm

Computer Art prints, animations, games, and other displays of digital artwork collected from TeleCommunity’s Saturday Studios as well as from the Summer Studio, are on show for family & friends, and for the Duquesne community. Our members take on the role of Gallery docents and enjoy explaining their computer artwork to visitors.

Summer Studio Schedule 2012

Mon., July 9 – Fri., July 13 1-5pm Mon., July 16 – Fri., July 20 1-5pm

Our two week Summer Studio is designed to give school students an opportunity to produce computer graphics, to prepare art work for display, and to participate in the installation and gallery process. These early professional experiences promote responsibility and team building, as well as problem solving and creative expression. Individuals will balance their time between Studio and Gallery activities.

We meet in College Hall 336 (412 396 4164). Students who have been working on Saturdays during the year will have a chance to develop and complete new projects during the intensive weekday studios. Newcomers will learn and practice new skills and use them to create interesting story ideas. We expect that by the end of the session, students will have created work that is a synthesis of imagery and animations which have been developed using different types of software. Finished pieces will be placed in the Gallery Exhibition and featured online in the Student Artwork section of

Our current theme is NewsToons. With NewsToons, young artists will recreate and interpret news events taken from the headlines. 2D animated versions of actual news stories will be enhanced by means of exaggerated effects, opinionated viewpoints, distorted representations and caricatures, substituted story characters, and through techniques influenced by political cartoons, anime, and story-boards.

Each student will need:

  • A completed Permission Slip with an up-to-date emergency contact number. Can be found on our website:
  • Storage media – jump drives (at least 250Meg).
  • Headphones (for digital music)
  • A snack to munch on and a cold drink or two – every day.
  • Boundless energy & enthusiasm – no other prerequisites.

Registration begins on Sat., April 14. All students must sign up in advance to attend July summer sessions. No fees are necessary.

Current Activities include:
  • Flash Animations, Narratives and Character Development.
  • Photoshop Art and Digital Printing Basics.
  • Digital Painting with Intuos tablet and pen.
  • Interactive Game Experiments
  • Draw/Scan/Animate – a way to animate your favorite sketches.
  • Digitized Collages are mixed media activities.
  • Participation in the Website Team and Art Exhibition Installation.
  • Dynamic Studio Experience.

This Summer’s Offerings

Mixed Media – Fine Lines
Many computer artists start with an old-fashioned pen and paper. But what does it take to prepare a drawing to go digital? Learn what the professionals do, from planning a drawing, making the right kind of lines, and what mistakes to avoid. We’ll even let you try some nifty new tools.
Programming with Ruby and Hackety Hack
Students will be introduced to and explore the world of simple computer programming. Using the Ruby language and Hackety Hack, an exciting tool for young programmers, students will learn about basic programming concepts: data types, methods, “object-oriented” programming, and more. Finally, the will use the Shoes library, packaged with Hackety Hack, and their new skills to create newspapers based on their very own newstoons.
Knytt Stories Ever wonder how video games are made? With the Knytt Stories game developer, students can learn how to put games together. Design new graphics and blend them with the Knytt pieces for unique levels. Our instructors will give advice on the best arrangements of graphics and obstacles to make our games the best that they can be.

Photoshop/Flash – Animated News… Time to make headlines! Students will take a look at real news stories then create their own “newscast” in the form of an animated cartoon. But it wouldn’t be fun if we just stuck to the facts. Students will put their own spin on the stories by adding exaggeration and a healthy dose of hyperbole.

We hope to see you there!

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