Spend your summer with TeleCommunity!

Our two week Summer Studio is designed to give students an opportunity to produce computer graphics, to prepare work for display, and to participate in the installation and curation of our art gallery. These early professional experiences promote responsibility and team building, as well as problem solving and creative expression. Individuals learn to balance their time between Studio and Gallery activities.

Summer Studio Schedule 2016

Mon., July 11 – Fri., July 15 1-5pm

Mon., July 18 – Fri., July 22 1-5pm

Registration starts March 22

To register, please contact us at connect@telecommunity.org. Please provide your child’s name, age and a phone number for registration. We will send a confirmation email when your child is enrolled. Students will also need:

  • 1) A Permission Slip (PDF) signed by a parent.
  • 2) A USB flash drive to save your work.
  • 3) Headphones (for digital music).
  • 4) A snack to munch on during break.
  • 5) Boundless energy and enthusiasm

Studio activities


Photoshop is a great place to start your digital art projects. Create amazing pictures for printing, design elaborate backgrounds for your animations, or cut and paste your other art and add it to your digital paintings.

Flash Animation

Do you have a story to tell? Animation can bring it to life. We’ll walk you through the whole process: writing, drafting, making frames, and creating motion.

Mixed Media

Digital art can be combined with traditional art to create something truly unique. Painting and craft paper with make your digital art even more vivid.

Voices and sound

Give your animations voices and sound effects. But acting isn’t just reading words out loud. We’ll show you some tricks so you can really act each part. Don’t want to use your own voice? That’s fine too. We’ll put you in the director’s seat instead.

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